Personal Debt Solutions

When financial problems start becoming a problem, asking for help can be the hardest thing to do - but it is often the most critical.

We offer a confidential, free no-obligation consultation; call today for impartial advice for various debt relief options available (01256) 345547.

  • Harassing debt collectors or threats of bailiffs?
  • Are you at the stage where you are afraid to open your post?
  • Does a knock at the door fill you with dread?

The first step to resolving debt problems is to contact our friendly team in Basingstoke.

Our experienced insolvency practitioners have helped many people like you take the first step to rebuild their financial future. With offices across the south-east, help and advice is just around the corner.

No more harassing phone calls or knocks at the door!

Debt advice comes in many forms. BEACON Insolvency Practitioners provide independent debt advice, our help is guaranteed to be impartial and tailored to individual needs.

"Losing your home and bankruptcy are not inevitable with insolvency - even where your liabilities are considerably more than your assets. As experienced insolvency practitioners, we can often persuade creditors to agree a practical and achievable individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or debt management plan".
No more nightmares, just realistic help to get you back on track!

To help you understand the options for tackling your insolvency problems, our experts offer a free initial consultation during which we will listen to you and propose:

  • How you can help yourself without any professional involvement;
  • Which personal solution options are practical for your situation;
  • What options we provide to tackle your problems;
  • The consequences for you and your family

Individuals and Sole Traders

Debts owed by an individual or sole trader are treated the same; there is no distinction between business creditors and personal debts. In Insolvency, business creditors and personal debts are treated the same and are entitled to a share of your business assets, personal assets and property.

Debt Advice comes in many forms. We provide independent advice, impartial and tailored to suit you; to help get your finances back on track.

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The earlier you act, the sooner you can be in financial control. Call your local Beacon office today to arrange your free initial consultation and find out about the various personal insolvency options available.

Rest assured at BEACON Insolvency Practitioners Basingstoke, you can discuss your affairs with an in house expert, not a call centre.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

Despite adverts you may have seen, an IVA is not a ‘little-known piece of government legislation’ which allows you to write off 75% of your debts.

An IVA is an alternative to bankruptcy, whereby you pay back what you can afford for 5 years and creditors will generally agree to write off the difference, up to 75%! This is because it is better for creditors to receive something (i.e. 25p in the £) via an IVA rather than nothing in bankruptcy.

Sometimes the best advice is bankruptcy, sometimes the best advice is an IVA, but let us talk through your circumstances, as part of our FREE initial consultation, and we can work out what is best for you.



In some circumstances, the best option may be to either petition for your own Bankruptcy, or to allow a creditor to make you Bankrupt.

A line in the sand is drawn, you can escape the past and start afresh.

As qualified, regulated professionals, the advice we give is about what is best for you, not what generates fees for us and we always adhere to that principle.

If you are facing debt problems, or a creditor is threatening you with a Bankruptcy Petition, get in touch for a FREE Initial Consultation.


If a spouse, partner or joint owner is facing bankruptcy, or has already been made bankrupt, we can offer advice and assistance to protect your financial position and negotiate with a Trustee in Bankruptcy to ensure your rights are not infringed.


If you are struggling to obtain payment of a debt from an individual (or Company), Beacon Insolvency Practitioners can advise on the process and legal procedure to pursue recovery.

If a Bankruptcy Order is made, our appointment as Trustee can ensure the bankruptcy is progressed smoothly and efficiently, with strategies to minimise fees and maximise the ultimate return to creditors.

Our experienced team utilises a range of investigative approaches to identify assets and is skilled in obtaining quick and effective settlements to maximise overall realisations and the return to creditors. We will consider any case, even those others have turned down.

Debt Relief Orders

Recent changes in insolvency legislation have introduced Debt Relief Orders (DRO's) as an alternative to bankruptcy. If you have low levels of debt, which is estimated at below £20,000 with little or no surplus income and little or no assets these schemes can be a cost-effective way of escaping the stress and burden of excessive debt.